Imagine the art in your home changing when you get bored of it. An infinite variety of abstract artworks could be presented in your home without the effort of curating a collection. The Zombie Formalist is the first product of it’s kind — it has a limitless capacity to create new artistic compositions and uses AI to learn your unique aesthetic preferences.

9 Zombie Formalist compositions

The Zombie Formalist will show you more of what you want to see. It pays attention to artworks that pique your interest and creates new artworks in that same style. The Zombie Formalist is an artist in itself: it creates new and unique works just for you.

100 Zombie Formalist compositions

Want to share the artworks made by your Zombie Formalist? The Zombie Formalist can also upload generated artworks to social media and your friends’ and followers’ likes can influence the aesthetic decisions of the Zombie Formalist, ensuring the creation of works your friends will appreciate. The Zombie Formalist is like having your very own artist in your home, creating new works on the fly that are always fresh and new.

Zombie Formalist in livingroom
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